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Analysis of causes and solutions of hanging-band Burr
Jun 12, 2017

Hanging belt in the production process will often have burrs, in fact, the burr is good or bad to see what the material of the burr, general materials such as polyester nylon is not this image, and this material burr is relatively hard, easy to hurt people, so if this burr is to be processed, this processing is also simple if the edge is just a little bit of raising the thorn, the lighter to burn a good, if already burned and scraping words will be cut off or scrapped, Have burr this is normal bad goods generally do the factory will press the scrap.

In the process of hanging belt production, the emergence of burrs is a serious quality problem, so what are the causes of burr?

Hanging with their own material yarn problems, some cotton mills used many times to renovate material, so that the toughness of the material is not up to the requirements, spinning process yarn break, so that when weaving will produce burrs. That is, the strength of the raw yarn is not up to the requirements, in the process of weaving, the occurrence of fiber fracture, so that the fiber end dew outside, producing burrs.

In the weaving process due to mechanical aging and other reasons by the machine friction, weaving when the yarn is uneven, resulting in some yarn drum out, and then encountered a slightly slippery object friction will be raising. In the process of yarn weaving, because of the machine, the yarn and the machine have friction, the yarn is frayed, producing burrs.

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