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How can nylon and polyester lanyard be differentiated?
Jun 12, 2017

What is the difference between nylon lanyard and polyester lanyard? For hanging rope class, the general nylon rope and polyester cord is ribbon class, also called nylon rope and polyester lanyard, many people on the two kinds of rope materials can not be very good separately out, according to the following way can be very good distinction.

1, from the appearance of the hanging rope.

Nylon yarn Woven out of the rope surface is relatively bright, the rope is more delicate, polyester yarn woven out of the surface of the general brightness of the rope is not so bright, can be out of the appearance of brightness.

2. Burn the difference with fire.

The use of fire to burn nylon rope material, with the nose can smell the taste is more unpleasant, polyester lanyard using polyester yarn woven out, burning the rope flavor with a little fragrance. Polyester lanyard wear resistance is relatively high, not easy to break. Generally speaking, the previous clothing above and underwear to do jewelry, nylon material used more, mainly soft and comfortable, but the color fastness is not high, easy to fade.

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