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How to choose the Hanging strip
Jun 12, 2017

We generally see the color-rich hanging belt is usually from the billet through the dyeing process, and the quality of the finished product hanging belt is to a great extent depends on the choice of the billet is good, good billet selection can make the back of the dyeing link to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble, then how to choose the Billet belt? Please see the specific analysis below.

In the material can be divided into polyester and nylon two categories, polyester products have polyester single double-sided satin ribbon, polyester thread cap belt, polyester herringbone belt, polyester velvet belt, polyester back-grain belt, polyester stripes, etc., nylon products have nylon single double-sided satin belt, nylon threaded cap belt, nylon bag edge belt, nylon velvet belt, nylon belt, nylon back ribbon, nylon chiffon belt, etc., so you can choose the style of the finished product to select the type of material to hang with.

Identification of quality of billet strip

There is no obvious stain on the surface of the strip, yellowing and disorderly belt.

There are no defects on weaving, such as slip stitch, yarn jumping, etc.

Both sides of the billet are well formed, without burrs, uneven, etc.

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