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How to determine the shrinkage rate of the hanging belt
Jun 12, 2017

The shrinkage rate of warp and weft yarns is a content of the structure parameters. Usually, the purpose of determining the shrinkage rate of the weft yarn of the thermal transfer Jacquard ribbon is to calculate the yarn's special number and the yarn amount of the fabric. As the yarn is formed, the warp is staggered in the fabric, so the length of the yarn used by the weaving factory of Dongguan is greater than the length of the fabric formed. So we call the ratio of the difference to the original length as the shrinkage rate. Expressed as a (%).

Shrinkage Rate 100 stretch-length heat transfer jacquard ribbon in the daily use of the discovery, the size of warp and weft yarn shrinkage is an important basis for the process design, he to the amount of yarn, the physical and mechanical properties of fabrics and the appearance of fabrics have a great impact. There are many factors affecting shrinkage, such as fabric weave, warp and weft yarn, the density of weft yarn and the tension of yarn during weaving, which will cause the change of shrinkage rate.

Thermal Transfer Jacquard ribbon based on the experience, the method of measuring the shrinkage of fabric is analyzed, and the length of 10cm fabric is generally taken along the edge of the specimen. And Mark, the edge of the yarn will be cut short, so as to reduce the yarn from the fabric out when the elongation outside, and then gently pull the warp from the sample, press the end of the yarn with the finger, with the other hand gently pull the yarn straight. When the length of the warp between the marks is 10 consecutive digits, the mean value is taken into the formula, and the shrinkage of the warp or weft is calculated. This method is simple and easy, but the precision is poor, the purpose of measuring yarn shrinkage is to calculate the yarn count and fabric yarn quantity.

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