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How to match the hanging piece to look good
Jun 12, 2017

Now a lot of people like to wear some ornaments around the neck or hand, when we choose a good pendant we must find a good strap to match, to better play the beauty and elegance of ornaments.

Color-type water good pendant, with black rope to wear beautiful. The King Green, green boxwood pendant with black rope for good. Apple green pendant with red rope to wear good-looking, should each person to the color of different preferences, such as: Some people like plum red, some like dark green, the people of the SpongeBob with red rope, children choose multicolored rope, and so on.

Selection of lanyard wiring

Weight: The preparation of lanyard to choose the thickness suitable for hanging pieces of color line, hanging parts of the election rough line, small selected lines, some of the hole is very small, need a finer line.

Quality: The line should be used to choose a good quality, not easy to fade the line, to prevent the collar stain; look carefully if the line coloring is not complete, Sheng between the white please do not buy.

Replacement and cleaning of lanyard

Summer Red Line, one months change, every day, sun and wind, sweating, bathing, good line also faded ugly, if it is black, dark green, brown, time can be longer. Use the line to hang the piece to wear, often is not simple line and pendant link, most people hang a piece above to wear bead, knot, complex to compile, wear something different shape, such as road pass, beads,

Dust, dust, industrial pollution, every day to see their collars know, hanging rope also need regular cleaning, with neutral soap liquid, hand sanitizer, shower gel, wash clean, clean water rinse, dry.

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