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The method of distinguishing material of document hanging belt
Jun 12, 2017

The card hangs the belt in the daily life everywhere, produces the fine hanging belt not only is beautiful also may enhance the company's enterprise image. Because of the use of the material of the hanging belt, resulting in a variety of physical properties of the hanging belt, reflected in the hand, gloss, softness, color fastness and other properties, which also led to the price of each material is different, some businesses, to the material of the Times to impersonate good materials to play with consumers, in order to help you to improve discrimination ability, we can usually use the combustion method and touch method to identify the material, the following is the common material for everyone to introduce the method of discrimination.

I. Spandex

Polyurethane, the name of polyurethane fiber, near the edge of the fire, burning, flame blue, leaving the fire to continue to burn, emitting a special irritant odor, burning ashes for soft fluffy black ash.

II. Nylon and Polyester

Nylon (nylon) scientific name polyamide fiber, near the flame that is rapidly curled into a white gel, in the flame melting and bubbling, burning without flame, leaving the flame difficult to continue to burn, emitting a celery flavor, cooling after the light brown melt is not easy to grind.

Polyester name polyester fiber, easy to ignite, near the flame that melts, when burning the edge of the melting edge of black smoke, a yellow flame, emitting aromatic odor, burned ashes to black and brown hard block, with fingers can be broken.

Acrylic and polypropylene (PP)

Acrylic fiber name Polypropylene nitrile fibers, near the fire softened melt shrinkage, fire after the black smoke, the flame is white, from the flames after the rapid burning, emitting the bitterness of burning meat, burning ashes for irregular black hard block, hand twist fragile.

Polypropylene fiber name, near the flame that melts, flammable, from the fire burning slow and black smoke, the upper end of the flame yellow, blue at the bottom, emitting oil flavor, burned ashes to hard round light yellow brown particles, hand twist fragile.

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