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The structure and working principle of the traditional weaving and cursory machine
Jun 12, 2017

This machine is composed of the base working part, the transmission system of the receiving line and the automatic stop interlock mechanism, the structure is simple and compact.

The machine works as follows: motor-driven axis deceleration after driving the main belt pulley through the bevel gear, through the central transmission gear to drive the Lotus Gear operation, Lotus Gear machine disc pulled with the yarn tube spindle in the disk "8" zigzag curve track for the circulation of regular movement, complete weaving work. In addition the transmission shaft drive worm wheel to pay through the hanging wheel to drive the horizontal shaft to make the traction wheel operation and complete the work of receiving line.

The machine is equipped with automatic parking device, in the weaving process, the yarn tube on any spindle when the disconnection or line ran out, the lower Tsui installed on the spindle will automatically fall, touch the switch, the opening sleeve produces displacement and pulls the torsion spring, the switch shaft and the brake drop, so that the clutch and the bevel tooth are off, so as to achieve the purpose of single stop.

In addition, in the transmission system, the speed of the receiving line also affects the weaving quality of the product, the machine is equipped with a set of hanging wheels, the user can change the wheel to adjust the speed of the receiving line.

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