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What are the common materials of hanging belt
Jun 12, 2017

Along with the textile material more and more, the weaving material that hangs the belt also by the original natural fiber more becomes the chemical fiber, more is the chemical fiber six big lun, as well as some man-made fiber such as the viscose, then these fibers have what characteristic, as well as the main use has? Please see the specific analysis below.

1: viscose Fiber

Also known as ice silk, silk cotton, is a major man-made fiber varieties. By alkali cellulose from natural cellulose, and then with carbon action to produce cellulose xanthan acid ester, dissolved in dilute alkali solution of viscous solutions, called viscose, viscose through wet spinning and a series of treatment process is viscose fiber.

Strong viscose fiber strength, resistance to multiple deformation good, can be used as tire curtains, conveyor belts, triangular belts, ropes and a variety of industrial fabrics, such as canvas, plastic coated fabrics.

2: pp yarn (also known as polypropylene yarn)

Composition: pp Colloidal Pope colloidal granules + masterbatch (raw materials mainly from Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and South Africa, etc. * from coarse to fine: 1200D, 1000D, 900D, 600D, 300D * commonly used top three: 900D, 600D and 300D * yarn price is higher than black yarn P7390 with a 900D yarn

Use: Generally used to not involve security requirements, the amount of handbag is the maximum texture: slightly hard physical properties of nylon yarn: Softer than nylon yarn difference strength: Compared with nylon yarn difference dyeing: Before dyeing (before forming) pigment destructive: By the sun erosion and natural decomposition characteristics: self-corruption, environmental cutting.

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