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What should be noticed in continuous dyeing of hanging belt
Jun 12, 2017

Continuous dyeing has become the most popular and efficient ribbon dyeing process. The dyeing process of continuous dyeing, including dipping and dyeing, solid color (vapor hot melt), washing, soaping, etc. in a group of joint machinery in a continuous, sequentially made products. So, what should be noticed in jacquard hanging belt dyeing?

The main matters needing attention in the continuous dyeing of jacquard hanging belt are:

First, the original strand of woven ribbon factors should pay attention to the use of yarn is the same batch, because different batches of yarn containing the "oil" situation is not the same, such as blended words will become the color of the process of the factors; Secondly, whether the original billet is processed before, after refining the original blank dyeing effect is very good, because after processing the yarn on the "oil" is removed from the dye can directly contact with the fiber dyeing, no protection.

Second, the pressure size and concentricity of the groove roll, the hardness factor in the production, want to roll pressure on the left and right color difference in the impact to the lowest, in the production process due to the wear of the roll, the requirement of regular roll calibration repair, otherwise easily due to roll different heart and rolling over the inconsistent result of color. Different hardness of the roll yield is not the same, too hard may lead to absorption of dye is not sufficient, too soft may lead to a large amount of the rolling of the dye produced by a large number of swimming to produce color, how much hardness should be in accordance with the strip decision.

Three, the influence of infrared pre-baking temperature on the Ribbon the Polyester ribbon after pretreatment and dip dyeing process, before entering the color box, generally after the infrared pretreatment, in order to prevent the drying process of dye swimming phenomenon, to avoid color flowers and the pros and cons of dyeing defects. When the infrared oven temperature is lower than 80 Shan, the webbing is larger than the positive and negative, it is difficult to meet the customer's use requirements.

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