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Why is the softness of the strap important?
Jun 12, 2017

Hang the tape we often hang on the neck, in order to make us hang in the neck more comfortable, so that the hanging belt is humane, so the flexibility of the hanging belt is very important, because the flexibility of the hanging belt is very good, so can and skin very good contact, will greatly reduce the unit of the skin force, give a person relaxed feeling. In addition, the material must have a good skin, or on the hanging belt after finishing, add hydrophilic reagent treatment, can let the hanging belt and skin contact, have a good skin.

The softness of the strap can be measured using a softness meter. Fabric softness tester, is used to determine the fabric, collar interlining, non-woven fabric, leather rigid and flexible properties, used to determine the nylon, plastic wire, such as the rigidity of metal materials. But this is more formal. And in the actual factory production, we can advance proofing, the finished product hanging with manual inspection method to check, judge whether qualified.

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