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The Quality Index Of The Mobile Phone Lanyard What Do You Know?
Jun 12, 2017

Mobile phone lanyard is a few years ago we are very popular and apply a lot of a lanyard, at that time the popularity of the mobile phone is not so much or most people have just begun to contact, there will be a better feeling of that kind of thing, so people will have a rope to the hands of the body in front of the chest, this situation may also be a trend, always feel that people hang a mobile phone is a great thing, so at that time mobile phone lanyard wholesale business will be very good.

But with the popularity of mobile phones, people no longer feel that owning a mobile phone is a thing to do, no longer so valued the value of mobile phones, the corresponding mobile phone lanyard wholesale business has been greatly affected.

Mobile lanyard in real life, color fastness is one of the important quality indexes of rope band, which depends on the final use of the products. The so-called color fastness refers to the dyeing rope belt under the physical and chemical action, one of the resistance to perspiration, dry friction, water immersion color fastness is the basic safety of mobile phone lanyard project requirements, the degree of color to maintain fastness, that is, dyeing cord color affected by external fastness to the degree of fastness is called dyeing.

All dyed textiles should be evaluated, in the color fastness of various items, at present, the most commonly used mobile phone lanyard color fastness fastness, color fastness, friction fastness, resistance to perspiration color fastness, to test the color of the sample after the change, the level of color fastness to the evaluation of the quality of color, weather fastness and other items.