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The Classification Of Lanyard And The Wearing Method Of Mobile Lanyard
Jun 12, 2017

What is the lanyard that is often seen in life? Lanyard attached to the textile accessories category, according to the length can be divided into long lanyard and hand rope, hand rope is held in the hand, the length of the general in the. 5--18cm between. Hand rope is generally used for u disk, radios, MP4, flashlights, toys and so on. Long lanyard name is very long can hang on the neck, this kind of lanyard length is generally between 40-45cm. This kind of long lanyard we often use when the document hangs the rope, the factory card hangs the rope, the exhibition hangs the rope and so on, these objects need to hang to the neck, therefore needs to use the long lanyard.

For long lanyard, we must first know the specifications of the lanyard, that is, the length of the width. Next is the material hanging rope, and then what accessories, the last is to need to print. If you need to print logo, you must determine the logo pattern, color and other styles. Generally, according to different materials can be divided into nylon lanyard, cotton lanyard, polyester lanyard. PP lanyard and so on.