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How To Distinguish The Material That The Work Permit Hangs With?
Jun 12, 2017

What kind of material is used to make the work permit? Experienced people know what the texture of the ribbon is, the width and thickness of about how much. But as a newcomer to the ribbon industry, it is clear that the level of experience will have to be achieved. The method of distinguishing ribbon is: Touch method, view its color, combustion and other methods.

I. Cotton fiber and hemp fibers: cotton fiber and hemp fibers are just near the flames, burning quickly, the flame is yellow, blue smoke. The difference between the odor of combustion and the ashes after burning is that the cotton burns out the smell of paper, and the hemp burns out the smell of vegetation and ash, after burning, the cotton has very little powder ashes, black or gray, hemp produces a small amount of ash white powder ashes.

Second, nylon and polyester: nylon (nylon) also known as polyamide fiber, near the flame is rapidly curled up into a white gel, in the flame melting and bubbling, burning without flame, leaving the flame difficult to continue to burn, emitting a celery flavor, cooling after the light brown melt is not easy to grind.

Polyester name polyester fiber, easy to ignite, near the flame that melts, when burning the edge of the melting edge of black smoke, a yellow flame, emitting aromatic odor, burned ashes to black and brown hard block, with fingers can be broken.

Three, acrylic and polypropylene: Acrylic fiber name, near the fire softened melt shrinkage, fire after the black smoke, white flame, from the flames after the rapid burning, emitting the bitterness of burning meat, burning ashes for irregular black hard block, hand twist fragile. Polypropylene fiber name, near the flame that melts, flammable, from the fire burning slow and black smoke, the upper end of the flame yellow, blue at the bottom, emitting oil flavor, burned ashes to hard round light yellow brown particles, hand twist fragile.