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The Emergence Of Hanging Belts Promotes The Development Of Mobile Phone Industry
Jun 12, 2017

The appearance of the hanging belt so that many people no longer for their mobile phone without exquisite phone lanyard and worry, no longer for their own factory card lanyard is monotonous color and unreliable quality and worry; no longer for their camera with the appropriate camera strap and trouble. In the technology level so developed today, an industry inclusive of more and more businesses, and the different levels of business has created a variety of products. In the face of many different quality of the hanging belt products, in many complex information at your fingertips today, a good hanging with the product, a good hanging with the business is very difficult to be chosen by everyone.

Hanging belt industry with the rapid development of screen printing technology, silk screen printing process, material increasingly complex, diversified, silk screen effect more and more good, to meet more and more customers on the printing effect of the requirements, the development trend of hanging belt is more and more obvious. Silk screen printing is increasingly becoming the most commonly used in textile printing, printing process to get a meet the design requirements, the ideal screen printing, in addition to screen printing materials, pigments, and now more and more screen printing patterns require multi-color and color printing. Multi-Color and color printing is a screen printing process to overprint a variety of colors, overprinter in the same printing position, so as to achieve multi-color and color effect.

The belt looks small, actually in the life to help us a lot of busy, but we do not care about it. A little attention can be found in the hanging brought to us by the benefits of more than the number of it! The handset hangs the belt the production is by hangs the belt to extend, the handset hangs the belt the function to believe that everybody can be clear.