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What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Lanyard On A Daily Basis?
Jun 12, 2017

Lanyard is now a popular one, its use is very good, can be used in a variety of mobile phones, cameras, it uses a wide range: electronic u disk, Bank U shield, employee badge, exhibition card, mini audio, mobile phone, flashlight, work card, ballpoint pen, tag, lanyard,. All electronic products need easy to carry products, can be used to.

Lanyard Benefits: It can hang mobile phones, cameras, MP3, u disk, toys, mobile phone wipe, whistle and so on, and can be equipped with a variety of work cards, advertising pens. Lanyard surface (double-sided) can be screen printing (thermal transfer) enterprise logo logo (logo) or company name, can play a promotional promotion of corporate brand, gift gifts of the role! Good value! is a gift to the customer or exhibition promotion products!