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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pure Cotton Belt
Jun 12, 2017

Ribbon we all know that China's traditional process culture, has passed thousands of of places. And the process of weaving with the changes of the Times, the development of information economy, and more and more advanced, more skillful. Even so, the ribbon technology or the development of the space, thus, the development of the Ribbon is a bright future.

Pure cotton Belt yarn is cotton as the raw material, does not contain any other sundries; there are a lot of webbing are woven with pure cotton, such as pregnant women and baby clothing woven with accessories, cotton belts, cotton shoelaces and so on are made of cotton webbing. Cotton fabric is a traditional insulation material, cotton fiber relatively thin, no parasitic bacteria, natural low-carbon environmental protection, pure natural renewable resources.

Pure Cotton Belt yarn is made from cotton! The skin of pregnant women and babies is very tender, so most of them are made of pure cotton to make clothes for pregnant women and infants. Pure cotton moisture absorption, moisturizing, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygiene is very good, is environmentally friendly green products. Cotton is very soft, skin contact without stimulation. Pure cotton without peculiar smell, no pollution, no bleaching, no additives, very warm, very healthy. Old people, pregnant women and children will be good, very good.