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The Specific Function Of The Safety Deduction With The Hanging Belt
Jun 12, 2017

Hanging with a lot of use methods, and hanging around the neck, we should all have seen it! Do you remember what it looks like? The small details everybody should not remember! Let Xiao Bian tell you! There is also a button on the strap, the button (safety buckle) must have been seen. But do you know what it's all about? A lot of people will always think that it is used to solve the phone lanyard.

But in fact, it was a safety precaution designed to prevent accidents. When the load is over 10kg, the clasp is loosened. In modern life also used a lot, now is the most use of this configuration with security buckle mobile phone lanyard, encounter to be suddenly robbed mobile phone, hang rope security buckle will quickly loose, at this time someone puzzled: this is not obviously very easy to be snatched, that is called "security buckle", directly called "Easy pull buckle" is OK.

Indeed, we are referring to the fact that although we may lose our cell phone, it is very good to protect our personal integrity, so that we are not robbed when the entire people were pulled by the powerful inertia fall damage, or even more serious consequences. Another is also wearing a chest card identification card in the workshop or machine side to prevent by something hanging rope and strangled to the neck, the whole person's body into danger, leading to a major casualty accident.

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