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What Is The Strategy Of Mobile Phone Lanyard Enterprise?
Jun 12, 2017

In today's society, enterprises are to pay attention to the lowest cost to obtain the highest efficiency, the general mobile phone lanyard enterprises are almost all using the brand to operate, will find their respective grades and the main competitor differences, as a mobile phone lanyard enterprise strategy starting point.

But at the same time, many mobile phone companies try to make such a mistake: The search is only the difference of the phone rope, rather than the differentiation of the brand. Apart from the price difference between brands, it is difficult to differentiate between brands.

In recent years, with the popularity of smartphones, a variety of mobile phone decorations have sprung up, thus led to the market competition is unusually fierce scenes, in fact, the market will be based on the price of mobile phone lanyard to the brand positioning, formation: Low price is low-grade, high price is high-end brand impression, to a large extent, hindered the implementation of mobile phone lanyard brand marketing.

This is the core problem that causes our country handset rope brand difficult to achieve in the high-end brand.

On the other hand, the handset lanyard brand includes the brand core value and the external performance, the differentiation between the brands is through the handset rope localization to represent the difference between the brand. Mobile phone rope brand positioning is based on the target market demand and their own advantages to locate.

In the core value of the brand to highlight the strong strength of the lanyard production plant, the professional identity of the enterprise to meet with the opponents.